Probably the biggest challenge for FEDIPRO is to create awareness about the unique profile and significance of the highly skilled and engaged independent professional. Primarily towards the authorities and stakeholders but not in the least towards the IPROS themselves. Of course we need to help the in becoming a domain specific expert by championing continuous professional development and by providing access to better business opportunities. But more importantly, we need to empower him to become aware of his exceptional societal role in a changing socio-economic world.

This goes beyond traditional memberbenefits that respond to ‘what’s in it for me?’. For FEDIPRO, this means we have to create a culture of member engagement that surpasses the daily business. We are working on a series of ‘dossiers’ (IPRO Essentials) covering different aspects of being IPRO in Belgium. Being a small organization, we want to reach out to as many IPROS as possible (even non-members), trying to capture all kinds of information, be it legal, best practices, information sources.



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