#2 – Succesvol onderhandelen

Enkele quotes uit een artikel met tips van expert Selena Rezvani op Forbes.com.

Go Big

People often set low expectations for themselves when they enter a negotiation, (…) always start with an ambitious outcome that would “delight and thrill you, not just simply satisfy you.

No = Not Yet

One big mistake people make is to assume that when someone says, ‘no,’ the matter is closed for discussion,” Rezvani cautions. “Timing is everything—try asking a second time under different circumstances. If you never hear no, you’re probably not asking for enough.”

Put It In Writing

Negotiators can gain an advantage by drafting a battle plan before entering negotiations says Rezvani, and be sure to put it in writing. “this kind of plan is strengthened if there’s also a signature or approval line,” she says. By illuminating (and making clear) the key details of your proposal, you make it oh-so-much easier for them to say yes.

Bron: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/fgdd45eghd/seven-steps-to-negotiating-success/

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