#4 – De meerwaarde van de schijnbaar onzichtbare IPRO

Een inspirerend stukje uit het rapport “Future Working: The Rise Of European’s Independent Professionals” van Professor Patricia Leighton, IPAG Business School Frankrijk (2014).

By their nature, iPros aren’t the easiest to observe. For many, their work is wrapped in a wider context set by the client organisation hiring them for their expertise. Think of an IT consultant hired to implement a manufacturer’s new supply chain management system; or a freelance journalist contributing an article to a magazine; or a translator helping to secure an export deal. In all cases, their work as an independent is barely visible from the outside. So why does it matter? It matters because their independence allows their specialist skills to be available more flexibly and adaptively across the economy. (…)

Working on different projects with different clients over time, iPros can earn a living commensurate with their expertise while making their skills more affordable to potential clients. As technology progresses and the division of labour deepens, the ability to deploy expert skills flexibly seems likely to be a key success factor for innovative organisations and advanced economies.

Het is overigens interessant om te lezen dat één van de belangrijkste vaststellingen uit het onderzoek net die cruciale rol van de IPRO bevestigt:

The research confirmed there is a major change in the way work is performed – a shift from having a job to working for clients. A new and exciting radical agenda based on collaboration rather than competition has emerged as a response to perceived failures in existing business and management strategies.

Bron: http://wp.efip.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Future_Working_Full_Report.pdf

Members only: In het rapport wordt ook een link gelegd tussen deze vaststellingen en effectieve behoeften van Ipro’s. In de dossiers “IPRO Essentials” wordt hier verder op ingegaan.

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